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Jaguar wont start

Lately my car makes a clicking noise and won't start.

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I replaced the battery. When you wait a few minutes and try again it starts. The engine light recently came on and the next day it was off. It is most likely a faulty starter selinoid. Carlis answered 3 years ago.

Every single time i get in the car the engine start button. GuruVC9SC answered about a year ago. GuruX6JCT answered about a year ago. Rhoan answered about a year ago. I had the same problem, if I leave it overnight it starts up, drove it for an hour or two turn engine off try to start again, it won't start up, then on the dash all warning messages comes up.

Took my car to a jaguar specialist and they told me the rear fuse box is mouldy and it cause the immobilizer to get faulty. Is this possible? Warning light came on regarding tire pressure. All four tires have adequate air pressure, none are low.

I have problems with my jaguar xf first I thought it was the transmission so got it serviced and that wasn't it. I have checked with several European service mechanics and none of them work on jaguar. Why is that. I was trying to find the most reasonable price for a "simple" oil change. My Jaguar XF Premium engine fan continues to run for at least 5 min after the vehicle is turned off.

Took it to dealership where I purchased it and they said because the weather is hot right no Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus. Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies.

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Then when you try again it starts.Jaguar XF owners have reported 1 problem related to car will not start under the electrical system category. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Jaguar XF based on all problems reported for the XF.

I experienced a no warning complete shutdown of my Jaguar Xf at pm on October 6, I had just exited from a strip mall and driving on an incline at mph, without any warning the engine shut off abruptly, the gear control knob receded into the console and the car automatically shifted into park. I lost all control over the vehicle. The dashboard lost its illumination. I attempted to restart the car by pressing the start button but the car would not start. I couldn't roll down the windows.

The police and my friend arrived at the scene and assisted me by pouring in at least a gallon of gas but the car was still frozen in place. The police called for tow truck assistance since my car was blocking the "after work" traffic flow. After a day and half at the service center, I was told that my car was ready for pick up on October 8th. I was told that nothing was wrong with the car diagnosticians checked by machine and advised me not to drive on low fuel.

Nothing was fixed. On October 9th concern and terror regarding this experience was expressed to the manager. The manager was given a copy of the 2 recalls relating to shutdowns of Jaguar Xf autos and requested that they probe further and to notify Jaguar corporate and Jaguar manufacturer about the complete shutdown.

Again, on October 12th, I was told that my car was ready for pickup. Can't find anything wrong. Nothing fixed. I reiterated that they need to continue to inspect, investigate and discover what caused the shutdown because my life and the public's safety can be in dangerous jeopardy if this happens again on the roadway or freeway.The purpose of this checklist is to diagnose a "no crank" situation on the Jaguar XJ6.

The specific details pertain to the Series III 6 cylinder models although most of the basic steps apply equally well to earlier versions. Basic hand tools, a 12 volt test light or multi-meter, jumper wire, wire brush, and sandpaper are all that's required as far as supplies go. Ok, here we go Put a battery charger on it or take it to a battery shop for charging and load testing.

If it fails to pass muster you'll obviously want to replace it and if it has failed at a relatively early age you may want to have the alternator checked.

Even if this solves your problem you may want to read on and perform some of the following tasks just on general principle. Remove the cable from the battery. Use your wire brush to clean the terminals ends on both cables and the posts on the battery. Reattach the cables to the battery and snug 'em down.

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You'd be surprised at how many "no start" problems are corrected by this 10 minute task! By the way You'll be glad you did in the end. The battery negative cable grounds to the body at the right fenderwell. Remove the cable and clean the cable end with your sandpaper until you have shiny metal and similarly clean the ground point on the body.

Reattach firmly. Now, on each side of the firewall are two junction posts which are distribution points for battery voltage. These need regular attention. You'll need to disconnect the battery again. If you plan to clean everything just leave it disconnected or you'll have sparks everywhere when you disconnect all the cables from these posts.

Clean the posts, cable ends, nuts and washers very thoroughly with your brush and sandpaper and bolt it all back together nice and snug. You'll need to get under the car for these. Under the car, right side, adjacent to where the engine and transmission come together is a heavy braided ground strap. Remove, clean contact points and cable ends, reattach. Once done there you'll have to check and clean the connections right at the starter.

This may get tricky and the car will need to be lifted a bit for access. Use heavy duty jack stands and give your Jag some good shakes before crawling under! Make a note of how the wires are conencted to the starter before removing them for cleaning. Clean the wires and terminals and resecure tightly. This environment is tough on terminals and dirty, loose connections here are a common cause of "no crank" conditions.Original Poster.

Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 The XJ8 wont start again! Prev of 2 2 Next. ChampagneCharlie Original Poster posts months. Well after having all the problems before Christmas with the Jag not starting I took it to the mechanic who said that it was a nikasil problem which I doubt as the blow by test said 25 I also had the throttle body changed it has since run for 3 months without a murmur.

I would normally think this was misfiring but as far as I could tell it hadn't fired at all. I could smell petrol at the back of the car so I doubt it was starved of fuel. Jaguar steve 6, posts months.

jaguar wont start

The bump you describe could have been surplus fuel igniting in the exhaust. One of the symptoms of an engine suffering from Nicasil wear is indeed occasional poor starting.

Repeated cranking can lead to flooding that allows fuel vapour to saturate the exhaust system. You can try starting again several hours later but I'd suggest you remove all the spark plugs - check the gaps, should be 1.

Whilst you're under the bonnet have a look inside the air intake ducting that runs from the air filter box to the throttle body. Heavy oil contamination in here suggests significant crank case pressurisation blow by which also points to erroded or worn bore linings.

If you're really desperate - I don't condone this - you'll f k the catalysts if done repeatedly- allow 4 or 5 drops of engine oil from a can down the plug holes just before you replace the plugs and start up. The oil will coat the bores, and if Nicasil wear is the problem, allow the engine to develop enough compression to start. By doing this you may be solving more than one problem at once so it's not an accurate diagnosis, but at least if you can get the car to start you can take it to a garage for more investigation.

If the blowby figure is 25, whilst not brilliant it's not suggesting the bores are terminally erroded, I'd suggest another blowby test to confirm the figure. Thanks Steve! Going to try it now it's been standing over night now and I have had the battery on charge for a couple of hours Will let you know the results if any.

The mechanic who got it started last time said that it had low compression on one cylider and that he thought the valves were stuck, surely with only one or even two pots down it would have fired? Haven't got it started yet but it never started well when it was hot anyway. Is this a clue? I daren't admit this!!!I'm at a loss here.

My jag s-type, 3. It's been sitting for over 6 mos in my garage while I was away on army reserve duty. Battery was dead so I charged it but still won't start.

The XJ8 wont start again!

Ran great before this. Any advise that I can trouble shoot? Any advise that I can trouble shoot. Warda answered 4 years ago. Guru9Q5W4 answered 2 years ago. When there is no voltage to the vehicle for long periods of tome your system looses its memory. While key on reset total reset codes CLEAR codes with a new bsttery attempt to start your car it usually will stsrt if not run s system check again snd ser tje new codes displayed now you can find your problem if there ws one to begin with.

Please explain the procedure for reseting the codes, and are you using a plug diagnostic tool.? GuruC7R1S answered about a year ago. My car was running great just won't turn over something's wrong with the key or starter. Battery was dead so I charged it but still wo I rplaced the bulb but still no joy.

I had my car at the shop for an intake problem and coil pack replacement, after getting my car back, the doors lock and unlock by themselves and do the same if I use the key, key fob or lock but Pulled up to gas pump cut car off pumped gas got in tried to start car no start. Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus. Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use.

Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. Cranks but won't start. Report Follow. Mark helpful. Your Answer:. Upload Photo Photo optional. Related Questions.You will need basic hand tools, a volt test light, and a jumper wire with alligator clips.

I believe this info to be accurate for all 4. You can buy a spark tester at any parts store which looks something like a sparkplug with an alligator clamp attached If you have one, fine.

jaguar wont start

If not, remove a sparkplug wire and insert a screwdriver into the boot so that it contacts the terminal inside. If you have a spark, skip to Step 6. If no spark, see step 2. Crank the engine over. If no spark, see step 3.

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Remove the distributor cap and peek inside. Look for a burned center terminal, burned terminals to the plugs, cracks, or carbon tracks between the terminals. Inspect the rotor contact. Power here comes directly from the ignition switch via a white wire. If you have a ballast resistor, the wire will go there first.

Remove the white wire and, using the test light, check for 12 volts with the key on. If you have voltage, see step 4. If no voltage, you have an open circuit. This can be confirmed by running your jumper wire from the positive battery post to the coil or ballast.

If the motor starts, you have confirmed the open circuit and must now look for a wiring fault or ignition switch fault. Reattach the white wire. Using your test light, check the other ballast terminal.

If the ballast is good, your test light will light up but no too brightly the ballast has reduced the voltage as designed. Testing of these items is beyond the scope of this checklist requiring an ohmmeter but do check the wiring from the amplifier for breaks. Now we must check for fuel. First and easiest step is to check the inertia triggered cut-off switch. It is mounted at the extreme right side of the dashboard, just above the side kick panel.Check if your devices are compatible.

Jaguar XF Auto-Boot Opening Modification

Download and install the InControl Apps launcher on your smartphone. Once successful, open the app. You will be prompted to follow the Auto Quick Start Guide to complete the set up. You are now ready to connect your smartphone to your car using InControl Apps. For Android devices: first pair and connect your smartphone to the car using Jaguar Bluetooth needed for phone calls and audio streaming. This step is not required for iOS devices.

Ensure your device is unlocked and cases or screen covers are not closed some can auto-lock the phone when closed. If you are using an iPhone and InControl Apps is not already running, you will be prompted to open the app. If using an Android phone, you can select Always Allow when prompted, which will forego all future prompts. Select InControl Apps from the Touchscreen.

jaguar wont start

Some of these apps may be subscription based. On the Touchscreen you will now be asked to select either View use apps with no audio or View and Listen use apps with audio e.

As part of the latest security updates in iOS 9 and onwards, InControl Apps now requires a short approval step to enable each compatible app in your car. As you will notice, the apps requiring permission will appear greyed out and unavailable to use until this process is completed. During the process, you will be prompted twice to grant permission on your smartphone.

You will only need to complete this process once for each app.

Cranks but won't start.

Your smartphone may not have the latest software. To check if there is an update available, go to the Settings menu on your smartphone. InControl Apps presents a car-optimised, interactive set of apps that enable media streaming, cloud- and location-based services and more - via a USB port. We are happy to help with any queries or tell you more about Jaguar InControl. Access Jaguar InControl terms and conditions and privacy policy documents from your country specific Jaguar website. Some third party apps may require a purchase or subscription.

As we roll out InControl, specific features described may be optional and market or powertrain dependent. Please consult your local Jaguar retailer for availability and full terms in your country. Certain features require an appropriate SIM with a suitable data contract, which will require a further subscription after the initial term advised by your retailer.

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